Basel Pavillon

The first Basel Pavillon made of reused building components will be presented on the Dreispitz site as part of the AWB: a temporary open venue whose architecture demonstrates new possibilities for climate-friendly construction and the circular economy.

With their design, Marta Colón de Carvajal and Juan Palencia from isla convinced the jury of recognized experts: their “Loggia Baseliana” consists of up to six open units built from different reusable components. With clarity of form, each unit derives its structural system from the respective materiality. Grouped together under a simple pitched roof made of trapezoidal sheet metal, the modules form a continuous pedestrian passageway following the railway tracks over a distance of fifty metres – an urban veranda that affords glimpses of the site’s past and views of its future transformation into an urban quarter. 

The architectural section of the project encompasses a wide variety of structural solutions and intelligence regarding circular construction. It can easily expand or shrink, be assembled and disassembled, and used in diverse ways.”


Marina Otero Verzier, Het Nieuwe Instituut Rotterdam,
Design Academy Eindhoven

The Basel Pavillon is a pioneer in the architectural exploration of climate-friendly, circular construction. All the main components of the “Loggia Baseliana” – clay tiles, wooden planks and panels, steel profiles, trapezoidal sheet metal or cardboard tubes – originate from regional deconstructions, which were recorded in a component catalogue for the competition by the specialist planning office Zirkular. In March, the modules will be prefabricated at HUSNER AG Holzbau and installed on the Dreispitz site starting in April. 

The Basel Pavillon will run from May to October 2022 with the aim to be used at various further locations on the Dreispitz site. Programming requests please via LukasGruntz.

The pavilion made of reusable components is an initiative of the Architektur Basel collective. The Christoph Merian Foundation is supporting the project and providing the building site for the pavilion. 

Programme 9–26 May

Tue 10 May 18:00

Opening Basel Pavillon

The Basel Pavillon will be launched on 10 May 18:00 as the programmatic venue for Architekturwoche Basel.


9 – 26 May 2022 / Mon – Fri 8:00 – 17:00

Reale Räume – Competition Exhibition Basel Pavillon «Reale Räume»

During the AWB, the competition exhibition «Reale Räume» on the Basel Pavillon and circular construction will be on display at CIVIC @Hochschule für Gestaltung und Kunst FHNW (HGK).


Jury & experts

Jury Basel Pavillon

Emanuel Christ
Architekt, Co-Gründer, Christ & Gantenbein, Professor ETH Zürich

Maarten Gielen
Co-Gründer, Direktor von Rotor Deconstruction, Brüssel

Chus Martinez
Institutsleiterin IAGN / Studiengangleiterin BA Bildende Kunst HGK FHNW, Kuratorin Ocean Space TBA21–Academy, Basel

Marina Otero Verzier
Architektin, Direktorin Forschung am Het Nieuwe Instituut, Leiterin Social Design MA an der DAE, Rotterdam

Martin Weis
Leiter Abteilung Liegenschaften, Christoph Merian Stiftung, Basel


Kerstin Müller
Architektin, Geschäftsführerin Zirkular (Bauteilkatalog)

Hans Emmenegger
Spartenleiter Zimmerei, Husner AG Holzbau, Frick

Giotto Messi
Bauingenieur, Schnetzer Puskas Ingenieure, Basel

Lukas Gruntz
Projektleiter, Architektur Basel

Chrissie Muhr
Künstlerische Leitung AWB 2022



→ Address: Frankfurt-Strasse 54, 4142 Münchenstein
→ Public transport: Tram Stop “Münchenstein, Freilager” (streetcar line 11), www.bvb.ch
→ Car parking: Parking garage „Ruchfeld” (no street parking)

Safety advice

→ Enter the tracks at your own risk
→ There is a risk of tripping and, in wet conditions, an additional risk of slipping
→ Caution is advised
→ No liability will be accepted in the event of accidents

Links & Documents

Component catalogue by Zirkular


Download Jury report

Download PDF