During AWB’24, the focus will be on a car park on the Dreispitz area with its underground water reservoir. From 7 to 13 September, visitors will be able to experience spatial, cultural and social interventions and installations alongside the everyday use of the RESERVOIR. From 161 submissions, the jury selected a project that gives the building itself a voice through a temporary intervention and creates the framework for the discourse of a long-term perspective. The project deals with specific spatial elements, functional features, alternative perspectives and the interactions between visitors and infrastructure. The Open Call and the intervention with its accompanying events are supported by the Christoph Merian Stiftung.



AWB’24 aims to make a contribution to understanding the invisible forces in our built environment and to utilise them as tools for a reorientation of architecture. Exhibitions, tours and discussions on the three themes of water, sound and nutrition show in a variety of ways how existing spaces can be redefined and utilised. The topics of the lunchtime tours will be explored in greater depth in the evenings in discussions for interested members of the public.


In the Perspectives format, we invite architecture and planning offices to participate in the Architecture Week Basel 2024 in order to activate hidden spaces. The format offers various events that deal with the themes of water, sound and food with/out the city. During the Architecture Week in September 2024, we will learn more about conceptual proposals, research work and realized projects that address the future development of hidden spaces and show their view of the city.

AWB Tours

AWB’24 begins on Saturday and Sunday with AWB Tours, a varied programme of visits, guided tours and tours of hidden spaces. These include old and new reservoirs, production sites for drinking water, food and energy, underground tunnels and cross-border routes.

AWB Films

With AWB Films, the organisers of the Zurich ‹Architektur FilmTage› present perspectives on the transformation and activation of hidden spaces. Changing and repurposing existing buildings and structures requires a rethink and a new–also cinematic–view of what will be valuable in the future.

AWB Books

The AWB Books programme offers insights into newly published architecture books and the broad spectrum of current architectural topics. The organisers of the ‹I Never Read, Art Book Fair Basel› bring the world of architecture books to Basel for a week.