Architekturwoche Basel

The Architekturwoche Basel (AWB) was held for the first time from 9–15 May 2022. This new biennial platform for architecture and urban development is an initiative of the Architektur Dialoge Foundation. Organized under artistic director Chrissie Muhr, the inaugural edition of AWB 2022 addresses the theme of “Reale Räume” (Real Spaces) – examining how globalization, digitalization, migration, climate change and the pandemic affect daily life in the urban spaces around us.

Featuring over 100 lectures, guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, films, concerts and performances, the programme is aimed at a broad public. The events took place in Basel-Stadt, Basel-Landschaft and neighbouring regions of France and Germany. The parallel Open House Basel event was also being staged again during the weekend of 14/15 May 2022.

Reale Räume

2022 focus is on the “Reale Räume” (Real Spaces) of three current development sites: Dreispitz (Münchenstein), Bachgraben (Allschwil) and Klybeck (Basel). The AWB is using various formats to promote dialogue between experts and local protagonists.

The Forum offers the opportunity to discover these development sites and exchange views on the urban transformation process with the various stakeholders.

Trouvailles  is an award given to architects as a commission for the development of non-built open and urban spaces in the public sphere. Through a variety of interventions, the AWB would like to invite the public and architects to perceive the city in a new way.


The first Basel Pavillon made of reused building components will be presented on the Dreispitz site as part of the AWB: a temporary open venue whose architecture demonstrates new possibilities for climate-friendly construction and the circular economy.

For the Open Office format, numerous architecture, engineering and planning offices in the city and surrounding region open their doors to share insights into the design and production of architecture.

The AWB programme includes numerous Partner Events. Local institutions and organizations contribute to the Architekturwoche with lectures, guided tours, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, concerts and performances.


Basel is the architectural capital of Switzerland. In the tri-border area along the Rhine, architecture is practised, built and lived, and numerous internationally active architectural offices are based here. In order to further develop and showcase the great potential of building culture, expertise and enthusiasm in the city and surrounding region, the Architektur Dialoge Foundation has initiated the Architekturwoche Basel. The first edition is supported by the Christoph Merian Foundation and sponsored by the cantons of Basel-Stadt and Basel-Landschaft.

About Architektur Dialoge

Since its establishment in 2006, the Architektur Dialoge Foundation has sought to bring contemporary architecture to a wider audience and promote dialogue about architecture. With its online agenda, the foundation provides information about its own architectural events as well as the wealth of offers from other institutions in northwestern Switzerland, south Baden and Alsace.



Artistic Director 2022

“The AWB seeks to be a platform for all who are interested in architecture, sustainable building, circular economy, a hybrid mix of work and living, and the future of urban co-existence.”

Chrissie Muhr

Artistic Director 2022
Architekturwoche Basel

Chrissie Muhr studied architecture at the University of Stuttgart and has worked as an architect, curator, editor and researcher for a variety of projects and institutions – including IGmA at the University of Stuttgart, Arch+ Magazine in Berlin, Arno Brandlhuber+, Walther König and Vitra. Chrissie Muhr has lived in Basel since 2014.

Artistic Advisory Board

Marianne Goebl

Managing Director Artek

Prof. Dr. Silke Langenberg

Prof. Dr.-Ing. of Architecture, Professor ETHZ Construction Heritage and Preservation

Stefan Marbach

Architect, Senior Partner Herzog & de Meuron

Ludovica Molo

Architect, Partner studio we architetti, President BSA – FAS, International Institute of Architecture i2a

Prof. Dr. Claudia Perren

Professor and Director HGK FHNW Basel

Andreas Ruby

Director Swiss Architecture Museum S AM, Curator, Ruby Press

Esther Baur

Architect, Board Member Architektur Dialoge, Managing Director Open House Basel

Christian W. Blaser

Architect, Initiator of the Architekturwoche Basel
President and Board Member of Architektur Dialoge


Christian W. Blaser

Architect, Initiator of the Architekturwoche Basel
President and Board Member of Architektur Dialoge


Flurina Cantieni

Project Manager 2022
Architekturwoche Basel

Event team 2022

Kathrin Alischer

Elias Buess

Judith Oesch


Valentin Bearth
Roger Boltshauser
Mario Botta
Andreas Bründler
Heinrich Degelo
Dr. Eva Herzog
Dr. Beat von Wartburg
Max Dudler
Christoph Gantenbein
Annette Gigon
Harry Gugger
Herzog & de Meuron
Brandenberger Kloter
Jan Krarup
Paola Maranta
Daniele Marques
Meinrad Morger
Christian Mutschler
Raoul Rosenmund
Dominique Salathé
Manuel Scholl
Samuel Schultze
Luca Selva