Biennial Platform

Hardly any other European region brings together so many internationally active architecture firms. The foundation Architektur Dialoge Basel has therefore initiated «Architekturwoche Basel» (AWB) as a biennial platform for architecture and urban development in order to visibly showcase this diverse potential of building culture, expertise and architectural enthusiasm in the Regio Basiliensis. The AWB took place for the first time in 2022. Under the artistic direction of Chrissie Muhr, AWB dedicated its inaugural year to the theme of «Real Spaces» — and thus to the question of how globalization, digitalization, migration, climate change and the pandemic spatially influence our living space and everyday life.

AWB 2024

The second issue of AWB is dedicated to the transformations and dynamics of the urban environment which provides us with comfort and security. It sheds light on what is mostly invisible in the city — what is not seen and not cared for in the same way as what is visible in the city. AWB’24 aims to understand these invisible forces on our built environment and use them as tools for a realignment of architecture. AWB’24 makes this visible through walks, bike tours, readings, dialogues, exhibitions, and podcasts.

Among these invisible forces are analog and digital infrastructures, our water veins, food and energy production, waste, data, our history, pedology, administrative boundaries, statistical data, biotopes, and climate analyses — all crucial parameters that we must consider when thinking about our current and future presence in the built city.


The transformation of existing buildings takes time. A different mindset and perspective on what is valuable is required. Architectural thinking is central when it comes to steering this transformation. In Switzerland, it still seems easier and cheaper to demolish a building than to work with existing structures. Sustainable conceptual decisions are the key to reducing the significant environmental impact of the construction industry; therefore, a shift in awareness towards existing structures is needed.

The essential need to place these themes at the center of architecture lies in achieving a social and cultural impact strengthened by a certain restraint towards construction, an ecological conscience, and the desire to overcome the immobility of architecture.


Basel is the architectural capital of Switzerland. In the trinational area along the Rhine, architecture is practiced, built and lived, and numerous internationally active architectural offices are based here. In order to further develop and showcase the great potential of building culture, expertise and enthusiasm in the city and surrounding region, the «Architektur Dialoge Basel» foundation has initiated the «Architekturwoche Basel».

About Architektur Dialoge

Since its establishment in 2006, the «Architektur Dialoge Basel» foundation has sought to bring contemporary architecture to a wider audience and promote dialogue about the built environment. With its online agenda, the foundation provides information about its own architectural events as well as the wealth of offers from other institutions in northwestern Switzerland, south Baden and Alsace.



Artistic Advisory Board

Esther Baur

Architect, Board Member Architektur Dialoge, Managing Director Open House Basel

Christian W. Blaser

Architect, President and Board Member of Architektur Dialoge

Marianne Goebl

Managing Director Artek

Stefan Marbach

Architect, Senior Partner Herzog & de Meuron

Ludovica Molo

Architect, Partner studio we architetti, President BSA – FAS, International Institute of Architecture i2a

Andreas Ruby

Director Swiss Architecture Museum S AM, Curator, Ruby Press


Christian W. Blaser

Architect, Initiator of the Architekturwoche Basel; President and Member of the Board of Architektur Dialoge Basel


Artistic Director


Executive Director